Organic Goji Powder

Organic Goji Powder (aka Organic Goji Berry Powder) is powder made from the Goji berry (Wolfberry). Goji berries are the fruit of the Lycium Barbarum plant.

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Organic Goji Powder

Organic Goji Powder, also known as Organic Goji Berry Powder, is powder made from the Goji berry (Wolfberry). Goji berries have been a cherished food and medicine in the Ancient Asian culture. Goji berries are the fruit of the Lycium Barbarum plant.

Our organic goji powder is made from whole goji berries that grow in the Ningxia Province in China. During the summer months the berries are harvested and dehydrated at low temperatures. This way there will be a maximum preservation of the nutrients. After this process the goji berries are freeze-dried and milled into our delicious goji powder.

Organic Goji Powder provides you with all the benefits of the whole goji berry. However goji powder is a more easy-to-use and more digestible form than whole goji berries. Goji berries contain a variety of nutrients, such as protein, fiber and healthy fats. However, they also contain multiple vitamins, like vitamin A and C as well as minerals such as zinc, phosphorus and iron.

Goji berries were a popular food and a traditional Chinese medicine. An ancient legend says that Himalayan Monks relied on gojis to improve their overall health. It also increased their stamina, vitality and longevity.

The best way to use organic goji powder is to add 1 tablespoon of organic goji powder to 250 ml (8 oz.) of water. Stir until dissolved and there you go, you’ve just made some goji juice! The taste is similar to prune juice.
You can also add organic goji powder to smoothies, juices, breakfast and chia seed pudding.

Benefits of organic goji powder?

  • Contains a lot of antioxidants
  • Contains multiple vitamins
  • Contains multiple minerals
  • Easier to digest than whole goji berries

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